Selectel FAQ


1. Selectel is powered by the best wireless network in the country, just like Page Plus Cellular.

2. There is no roaming charge for selectel.

3. Selectel uses CDMA phones only. CDMA phones from Verizon, Sprint, Page Plus Cellular usually works on Selectel. But Verizon prepaid phones can not be activated on Selectel. 

4. $75 Yearly Plan: 2000 mins + 1500 texts No data, best used with $10 flex card (5c/MB).

5. There is no monthly fee for $75 yearly plan.

6. $10 flex card:  5c/min + 5c/text + 5c/MB; no expiration.

7. You can not see $75 yearly plan and $10 flex card on as of today, only dealers can see them on dealer portal.

8. Selectel does not support 4G LTE phones officially. But in practice, I see a lot of 4G LTE phones in use with Selectel. For 4G LTE phones to work with Selectel, those phones need to be flashed or manually programmed. I will be able to provide technical support for extra charges. But there is no guarantee that your phone will definitely work on Selectel. If not working, no charge. 

9. Question: can $10 flex card be used as a stand alone?

Answer: So far, I can add $10 flex card to your phone as a stand alone plan. But Selectel tells me that $10 flex card is not designed to be used this way, so it can cause a lot of errors. It is best to be used with other plans like $75 yearly plan or $15 monthly plan.

10. Question: If I have $75 yearly plan and $10 flex card on my account,  how is voice, text and data billed?

Answer: voice and text will be billed/deducted from $75 yearly plan first until the allowance of the yearly plan is used up. Data will be billed from $10 flex card since there is no data with $75 yearly plan. 



*** These Faqs are compiled based on best of my knowledge, they are for informational purpose only. Please verify the information with Selectel Wireless before making your purchase decision. I am not responsible for any mistakes that may show up here. I am not responsible for keeping the Faq updated with development of Selectel. Please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you see any errors, I am very happy to correct them as soon as I see it.